Agricultural Benefits Program

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Loan and Grant Programs                                          


The Agricultural Benefit Program has been established by the Imperial County Board of Supervisors to mitigate losses to agricultural production, jobs, and our local economy resulting from renewable energy development on farmland in Imperial County.

To meet these goals, approved uses of Agricultural Benefit funds may include, but are not limited to: stewardship, protection, and enhancement of agricultural lands within Imperial County; tools, technology, and techniques for protection of agricultural commodities or increase of crop yields within Imperial County; and support of programs or projects that increase agricultural industry employment opportunities within Imperial County.

Agricultural Benefit Advisory Committee Bylaws

2022 Agricultural Benefit Advisory Committee

How to Obtain an Application Package

To obtain an application for consideration for an Agricultural Benefit Program loan or grant, you can obtain a Request for Proposals packet and application form through one of the following locations/methods:

  • Pick up a packet at the County Executive Office: 940 W. Main St, Suite 208, El Centro
  • Pick up a packet at the Agricultural Commissioner’s Office: 852 Broadway, El Centro
  • Call the Agricultural Commissioner’s Office to request a packet to be sent via email: (442) 265-1500
  • Download a Loan packet
  • Download a Grant packet

Project applications will be accepted on a continuous filing basis.

Loan Terms and Information

Loans per project will be available up to $2 million based on the number of full time equivalent direct jobs created. The calculation for the loan will be based on a maximum of $60,000 for each new exempt net full time equivalent (FTE) direct job created and for a maximum of $30,000 for each new non-exempt net full time equivalent (FTE) direct job created. Potential job retention may be considered for certain proposals. Proposals that supply more new net direct jobs for less funding per job will be scored higher. For purposes under this program, those indirect jobs created as part of the construction of any facility shall not be included when calculating “FTE direct jobs.” In calculating any construction cost, labor construction cost paid by public funding (i.e., this loan program) must be paid at prevailing wages.

The interest rate will be set at the County’s then-current pooled money interest rate. The adjusted rate will apply to the outstanding balance of the loan up to a maximum interest rate of 3%. An additional service fee of 1% will be added by the lending institution. Loans may be for a term of up to a maximum of ten years.

Proposals submitted may, at some point, become public records and therefore information in your proposal may become discoverable by the public.

Grant Terms and Information

Grants will be generally available based on a one year or less project; however, longer-term projects may be considered.

Proposals submitted will become public records and therefore information in your proposal will become discoverable by the public.

Scholarship Program                                           

Scholarship Program

Imperial County is pleased to announce the availability of Agricultural Benefit Program funding to match qualifying scholarships awarded by other organizations in amount not to exceed $3,000 per student per academic year with a total amount not to exceed $75,000, individual scholarship matching amounts will be prorated..To be a Qualifying Scholarship eligible for this match, the scholarship must go to an Imperial County student, and the organization’s scholarship requirements must include that it is degree-specific for agriculture or closely related fields.

Scholarship Program Organizations

Imperial County Office of Education

IVC Foundation

Brawley Union High School

Imperial High School

Imperial Avenue Holbrook High School

Central Union High School

Southwest High School

Desert Oasis High School

Holtville High School

Calexico High School

Aurora High School

Calipatria High School

San Pasqual Valley High School

Vincent Memorial Catholic High School

Imperial County Farm Bureau

Imperial Valley Vegetable Growers

Imperial Valley College

California Association of Pest Control Advisers (CAPCA)

S. Region Future Farmers of America (FFA)

Imperial Irrigation District (IID)

Imperial Valley Community Foundation


The Imperial County Agricultural Commissioner’s Office is actively looking for qualifying organizations with scholarship programs offering scholarship to agriculture majors. Additional information for participating in our scholarship match program can be found on the Scholarship Announcement or

by calling our office at 442-265-1500.

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